Road Trip for Roadtrip!

20ish Parks, 20ish Days

Yes, I did. Really. I rented a car. I planned my route. I booked motels. Just like in my board game Roadtrip!I plan to see as much as I can as fast as I can. Our national treasures - both natural and man-made - await! You can follow along here as I continue to plan, as I visit sites, and as I blog. Stop back by frequently for all the fun!


23 July - 14 August 2016

Miles Covered: 7,892

National Parks: 6

National Monuments: 12

National Memorials: 1

National Battlefields: 1

National Historic Sites: 3

Pictures from the road...

Day 0 - Time to Pack                     I wish this was how I was traveling!                       Day 1 - Oregon Caves NM                    Day 2 - Lava Beds NM                  Day 3 - Road to Twin Falls                Day 4 - Craters of the Moon NM               Day 5 - Yellowstone NP              Day 6 - Little Bighorn NM             Day 7 - Devils Tower NM            Day 8 - Wind Cave NP         Day 8 - Mount Rushmore NM           Day 9 - Jewel Cave NM          Day 10 - The Badlands NP         Day 13 - Chimney Rock NHS        Day 13 - Scotts Bluff NM        Day 13 - Fort Laramie NHS        Day 14 - Dinosaur NM       Day 15 - Colorado NM      Day 15 - Arches NP      Day 16 - Grand Canyon NP     Day 16 - Pipe Spring   Day 17 - Cedar Breaks NM   Day 18 - Devils Postpile NM
Day 0 - Time to Pack


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Playing Roadtrip! on my Road Trip

Yup, I'm playing the same road trip with my game while I'm traveling. Using the rules for scalability, I've set out to play a custom long game of standard challenge with a custom home. I'm playing a turn a day every morning, and see how things unfold as I skirt along the highways.


Vehicle: Wayfarer Wagon (since I am actually in a car)

Passengers: Harvey, Helen, and Whiskers (picked to match road conditions)


Current Status

Board Location: California

Happiness: Blissful (10)

Energy: Bushed (1)

Souvenirs: 3

Money: $2


Daily Synopsis

We are almost home. Though the trip has shaped spectacularly, I cannot wait to get out of the car from Harvey, Helen, and (even) Whiskers. Three weeks on the road is enough! We'll be home tomorrow!


Starting Conditions

20 Destinations (custom long game), 3 Passengers (standard challenge), California Home (custom home location)

Content & Perky, 0 Souvenirs, and $27



Day 18 - Devils Postpile NM & Yosemite NP
Day 18 - Devils Postpile NM & Yosemite NP

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Start < 22 July

Road Trip's Roadtrip! Starting Conditions
Road Trip's Roadtrip! Starting Conditions