From the Road… Day 6

July 29, 2016 5 comments

Big Hole National Battlefield & Little Bighorn NM

Butte to Sheridan

July 28, 2016

Miles Driven: 527

Parks Visited: 2


Life imitates art once more. As the long day was coming to a close, I pulled out my trusty list of accommodations to check the hotel where I’d be staying this eve. I abruptly discovered that there was no place listed for Sheridan. After triple checking, I began to panic. Of course, I pulled out my phone and there was nothing under the list of reservations from AAA. I tried searching, but I had zero cell service. Trusting that I’d be able to figure it out, I drove to Sheridan. Still no service. So, I just drove around a bit and then randomly chose a hotel to pull into. Not a Best Western, like I have nearly everywhere else. And when I went to see if they had a room (convinced that I’d screwed up), miraculously I had made a reservation there. Of all the hotels on the side of the road… Roadtrip! Whiskers, you and your fame, you’ve saved me again….



Dinner with Buffalo Bill!
Dinner with Buffalo Bill!

Well, after that incident, I decided it was time to treat myself to a nice dinner – not the standard pseudo-healthy fast food or easy chain restaurant. So, I picked a fancy-looking hotel, the Sheridan Inn, with outdoor seating on their large deck. As it so happened, I ended up eating dinner on the same porch where Buffalo Bill auditioned acts for his Wild West Show. Drinking an evening beverage (and celebrating that I was not homeless - many of you know how that is my biggest fear!), I reflected on what a long day it had been. Truly I did not do justice to either of the two sites I visited. The original plan had been to avoid Yellowstone and visit both of these on subsequent days. We all know how that turned out.

At both sites, where my timing worked perfectly to hear ranger-led interpretive talks, I realized that a better way to learn about the various Native American histories would be to visit various sites corresponding to their movement around the country. For instance, you can follow the entire trail of the Nez Perce from Oregon through Idaho and into Montana. At Big Hole, they had a series of (free) pamphlets that would lead you on an auto tour of their flight. Regardless, I enjoyed the day and learned a great deal about two vastly different conflicts. As the evening faded along with my beverage, Yellow Wolf’s reflections came to mind. I was fortunate indeed to have a roof over my head and not only for tonight. For he felt his life ended with him homeless, wandering and scrounging for scraps, like a coyote.


Until tomorrow… from Devils Tower NM…


Safe Travels!

Last Stand Hill
Last Stand Hill


Roadtrip! Daily Game


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Daily Synopsis

to catch up to my own detour I played two days of game here...

What a long couple of days! I raced around with Harvey, Helen and Whiskers to see both Yellowstone and Little Bighorn. Helen managed to lose another souvenir, and we drove back to all the places looking for it to no avail. In the end we just got a replacement at Little Bighorn. Though our spirits are lifted, we are just exhausted and looking forward to tomorrow's stay at the lodge near Devils Tower. 

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