Do you want to get in on the shenanigans? Roadtrip! is currently in prototype playtesting. What does that mean? It means that the game designer (and a few supporters) will be organizing playtesting events and attending conventions over the next several months. Please find a way to see the game and provide feedback!

Protospiel San Jose packed them in!
Protospiel San Jose packed them in!


Where can I see or play Roadtrip!?

This list is subject to change as additional events are scheduled, so be sure to check it out periodically!



Unpub Protospiel San Jose 2015 - April 24th-26th (Vickie will not have Roadtrip! with her at this event) - Had a great time!!!


KublaCon 2015, May 22nd-25th - Holy Moly! On the day after this con, my brain is swimming! The Roadtrip! playtest was extremely productive! I'm now working on tightening up the Highway and Passenger Cards! Plus, more lessons learned about the manufacturing process, which may precipitate one final larger change... More to come! Thanks to all who helped!


West Coast Meet 2015, July 9th-12th (classic car meet sponsored by The Freewheelers and Great Autos of Yesteryear) - Another successful event! What's more, I got a chance to see the game in an appropriate setting - a vintage RV and a small lodge (complete with rustic furniture, an antler chandelier, and a big stone fireplace).


GenCon 2015, July 30th-August 2nd, Indianapolis, IN (@ First Exposure Playtest Event, ICC Hall E, Thursday 12:00, 14:00, 18:00, Saturday 08:00, Sunday 08:00 or just grab me if you see me walking around) - My first real playtests went well especially after I got over my nerves ('real' meaning that I'd not ever met these folks before). To learn more about this event see my two blog posts - This Week's Roadtrip #3 and FEPH: Another Designer's Lessons Learned.


Celesticon 2015, September 4th-7th, Fremont, CA (@ Celestispiel Playtest Event) - 6 playtests with game designers and enthusiastic gamers! To learn more about this event see my This Week's Roadtrip! #6.


Ironstone Concours d'Elegance 2015, September 26th, Murphys, CA - Wasn't able to get in any playtests in the 100-degree weather, but I did show the game off to a number of vintage trailer enthusiasts. To learn more about this event see my This Week's Roadtrip! #7.


Metatopia 2015, November 5th-8th, Morristown, NJ - Had a great time and quite a learning experience! To see more of my adventures, see my This Week's Roadtrip! #10 and Tips from Metatopia 2015.


Dundracon Protospiel 2015, February 12-15, 2016, San Ramon, CA - Ended up with the flu. My apologies for those fans who wanted to see Roadtrip!


West Coast Meet 2016 (classic car meet sponsored by The Freewheelers and Great Autos of Yesteryear), July 8th-11th, Atascadero, CA - Roadtrip! was back at this wacky event, whose theme of the sixties perfectly matched the game's. My hopes were not amiss, as I got to play the game in Brian and Scott's vintage 1963 Shasta trailer!


GenCon 2016, August 4th-7th, Indianapolis, IN - I'll be at the First Exposure Playtest Hall again. If you were here last year, stop by and see all the changes to Roadtirp! Friday 4pm & 6pm and Sunday 8am & 10am. If you weren't here last year, stop by and see just how much Fun you can have!


Pacificon 2016, Game Design Lab, September 2nd-5th, Santa Clara, CA - Fresh off of my epic GenCon Road Trip for Roadtrip!, I'll be bringing my game to this great event in the Bay Area! Be sure to stop by and see all of the great designers and help make our marvelous creations even better.


Ironstone Concours d'Elegance 2016, September 24th, Murphys, CA - If you've never been to a classic car meet before, or even if ever wondered why folks get so excited to hang out around vintage autos, this is the even for you. Beautiful setting, relaxed atmosphere, and a gorgeous selection of pristine vehicle (trailers included) await you. And also, I'm bringing Roadtrip!



The San Francisco Bay Area

Designer Game Night, Thursday, August 13th, 7pm @ Hotel Durant, Berkeley; sponsored by Games of Berkeley - Enjoyed this event and got in two playtests. Lots of discussion about possible cooperative and team play options.


Stanford Campus Playtesting, Saturday, August 15th 7pm - Had fun playtesting with Stanford grad students! Playtesters included PhD. candidates in Math, French Literature and Business.


Locally Grown Game Sundays, 2nd Sundays 12pm-6pm, Berkeley; sponsored by Games of Berkeley - Sadly, this marvelous event is done for the year. To learn more about the playtests, see my This Week's Roadtrip! #6.


Home Brewed Game Night, Wednesday, August 19th, 6:30pm, San Bruno; sponsored by Heretic Games - Yet still more playtests! I got some excellent suggestions too - adding Hidden Goals and 'Billboards' (additional Destinations you can visit).


Rockridge Library International Games Day, Saturday, November 21st, 3-5pm, Oakland, CA. - This was a wonderful event. I heard that other libraries in the Bay Area also had a similar play day. To see a bit more about what I learned, see my This Week's Roadtrip! #11.


Contact Vickie

If none of these events work for you, feel free to contact Vickie ( and see if there is a way to organize an event that better fits your schedule or location.