From the Road… Day 17

August 14, 2016 2 comments

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Cedar City to Bishop

August 13, 2016

Miles Driven: 509

Parks Visited: 1


It was a perfect end. Well, I’m not quite home yet, but it was still perfect. I almost didn’t go too. But as I said yesterday, always take the option to interact. So, tonight, even though I was tired, I decided to walk next door for a real meal (vs. fast food or a granola bar). I just happened to stumble upon an acoustic performance – at a steak/burger place, no less. I would never have imagined to find that gem. So, I had a beer, sat back, and just enjoyed the music. I think I applauded the loudest. Really, it was perfect.


Vivid colors

My day started at 10,000 feet and ended at 10,000 feet, at least for the two sites I saw. Cedar Breaks is a small monument, but it’s quite peaceful. What struck me the most about it was all the flowers, grass, and trees juxtaposed to the vibrant reds and whites of the amphitheater and the blue of the sky. In a way, it’s like a smaller Bryce. However, it seemed much more abrupt, more of a contrast. In that sense, it made me appreciate it more. Oh, and I also happened upon a ranger talk. Ranger-Intern Parker gave quite an animated and passionate talk on plate tectonics.

After hurtling across Nevada, I arrived at my second 10,000 foot site – The Bristlecone Pine Forest, in the Inyo forest near Big Pine. I had almost forgotten that I was thinking about checking it out. My brother had given me a short dvd on the site a few years ago, which (predictably) intrigued me. There it was, the sign for the turn off to it. And I took it, despite the late hour. What a cool windy road. I only went as far as the visitor’s center, but it’s near there where Methuselah continues growing. These pine trees are the oldest living things on earth (technically, the oldest non-clonal organisms). Methuselah is the second oldest known bristlecone; it’s around 4,800 years old. Think about that. It’s older than the fall of Troy, older than some of the pyramids?!

Yellow-Bellied Marmut!
Yellow-Bellied Marmut!

Very Old

Anyway, I dashed up to the grove before heading to Bishop, where I am now and where I happened upon that great acoustic performance. It was a perfect end.


Until tomorrow… from… my home…


Safe Travels!



Current Status

Board Location: Arizona

Happiness: Delighted (9)

Energy: Animated (3)

Souvenirs: 3

Money: $4


Daily Synopsis

Unbelievably, Whiskers found $3 in the cushions! That was the most remarkable thing that happened today. Well, aside from visiting Cedar Breaks where we hiked about a bit and took in the gorgeous scenery. Afterwards, the money allowed us a bit of breathing room to stay at the lodge. We indulged ourselves.

Roadtrip! Daily Game

Day 17 - Cedar Breaks NM
Day 17 - Cedar Breaks NM


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