Alaska Bound!

Miles of Wilderness, One Lonely Road

27 May - 11 June 2017

Miles to be Covered: 4,987

   - flying home from Juneau

US National Parks: 3
Canadian National Parks: 1
Roadside Attractions: countless

Vintage Atlas
1959 National Geographic Northern Territories

I'm Alaska bound! Headed for the Yukon and northern territories on another road trip to adventure. Of course, I'll be stopping by a few of our precious National Parks, but this journey will encompass more of those Roadtrip! wondrously kitschy roadside attractions. Examples include:

  • The North Pole (yes, this is where your letters go)
  • The world's largest weather vane (it's a plane mounted on a turntable)
  • Ingenious burl art (i.e. tree burls, not Burl Ives)
  • The Sign Post Forest (72,000+ signs 'relocated' from various global locations)
  • More importantly, however, this trek will be along the famed Alaska Highway (that's 'Alcan' for those who wish to dredge up the unseemly past where governments snatched up all that land and plowed their way across a pristine landscape). It'll cover a few thousand miles of ancient wilderness into the land of the midnight sun. It's a trip of a lifetime. I am lucky enough to accompany my friend as she moves to lands northward in pursuit of higher education. I suppose I'm lucky enough as well that she allowed me to commandeer planning - she is heading to Juneau, but we're getting there via Fairbanks and Anchorage.

    Mt. Shasta                Mount Rainier NP               Near Pemberton              Canadian Rockies             Kiskatinaw Bridge            Bear & Dandelion           The Yukon          Whitehorse        Alaska Highway (in Alaska)         Denali Disco Dog       Denali     Wrangell - St. Elias    Valdez Harbor   Kluane Lake  Road to Haines From the air
    Mt. Shasta