When will Roadtrip! be published?

Publishing a game is not an easy undertaking, so I thank all of you who have participated in helping me breathe life into this game! Below you'll find my preliminary Kickstarter information. As I continue to evolve the campaign, I'll be updating the information here.


Many thanks to Stonemaier Games for their excellent guide to Kickstarters!


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Preliminary Backer Levels

Wish You Were Here! – Help get this game on the road and spread the word! I’ll send you a postcard version of a Destination card postmarked at one of the locations represented to thank you for your support.


Shenanigans! – Receive a copy of Roadtrip!.


Family Kerfuffle! – Design a Passenger! You provide the name, relationship, title, and a few physical characteristics, and help me select the most appropriate traits. Limited Quantity.


Highway Hijinks! – Design one of the Highway Hazards, Attractions or Boons! You provide the title, description and quote for your road trip nightmare or chance finds. Limited Quantity.


National Treasures! – Design a Destination Postcard! Write the text for the card describing what you remember from your visit and select the cost(s) and benefit(s) for visiting. If you have a great photo, let’s include that too! Limited Quantity.


Hit the Road! – Meet me in a National Park (or other NPS site) of your choosing in the Western U.S.! I’ll bring you the game and teach you how to play in one of the beautiful settings that inspired the game. Limited Quantity.


Preliminary Stretch Goals

I intend to tie stretch goals to both pledge levels and backer numbers. In other words, I want the money you invest over funding level to go back into making Roadtrip! be the best quality game it can be. Besides those listed below, a few more stretch goals will be added which would increase the quality of Roadtrip! materials. All of the stretch goals fit in the original box, with the exception of the Eastern Edition.


Covert Itineraries – Keep those nosy neighbors guessing! Add 7 Covert Itinerary cards with new and unique Fun Score equations. Playtested.


Bonus Highway Card Set – Escalate the hijinks! Add 4 new Highway Hazards, 2 new Highway Boons, and 7 new Roadside Attractions. Designed & Playtested.


Five-Player Addition – Increase the kerfuffles! Add a purple player, complete with the Vehicle, 2 Moodometer meeples, a Home token, an additional Teardrop Trailer vehicle card, and 8 more Destinations. Designed & Playtested.


Misadventure Expansion – Multiply the craziness of your road trip! Add five more Passengers, two new types of Highway Hazards (Law and Lost), 8 new Highway Boons, 7 new Roadside Attractions, and 5 new Destinations. Designed & Playtested.


Destination Board Markers – Help keep your road trip on track! Add small wooden tent meeples to help players visualize their route on the game board. 8 tokens for each color; 40 tokens total. Playtested.


Modern Update -  Add 2 new Vehicles (Electric Car and SUV), 5 new Passengers, and 9 new (and more modern) Destinations.


Eastern Expansion – Add a second game board and new 1965 Destinations to complete your travel options for the U.S. (This expansion may also contain Alaska and Hawaii).


Backer Participation

Of course, I plan to have several participatory challenges for backers, including help finalizing some of the graphic design and selection of a few Highway Cards. Here's a selection of the ideas I'm working on:


Calamities & Kerfuffles, Part 1 – What’s your worst road trip nightmare? Post a brief (G-rated) story from your travels. II’ll create a poll of the top four for you to vote on. The winner’s tale of woe will get included in the game as one of the Highway Hazard cards!


Calamities & Kerfuffles, Part 2 – Help me narrow down a few of my original selections.


Smooth Sailing, Part 1 – What’s your most favorite road trip story? Post a brief (G-rated) story from your travels. I’ll create a poll of the top four for you to vote on. The winner’s pristine day will get included in the game as one of the Highway Boon cards!


Smooth Sailing, Part 2 – Help me narrow down my original selections.


Destination Fever - still working on this one...


Choose Your Relatives and Your Friends – Who would you want in the car with you? Help me narrow down and name the passengers from my original selections. Who would you want on the road trip with you?


Hex Prototypes
Original Family Hex Tile Prototypes



Funding Use

Aside from the general publishing and shipping costs, the funds will be used to finish the illustrations, complete the graphic design, and ensure great editing. More information to come...