From the Road… Day 18

August 15, 2016 3 comments

Devils Postpile National Monument & Yosemite National Park (briefly)

Bishop to San Jose

August 14, 2016

Miles Driven: 310

Parks Visited: 1.5


You will have to forgive me. After 16 states, 22 sites, 7,892 miles, and 23 days, I just plain fell asleep working on the blog. Coming home after a vacation is always bittersweet. I can tell you that I’m overjoyed to be back in my own bed, a bed I don’t have to change every day, and I’m happy not to have to drive (on average) 343 miles a day. However, because I am back, the fantasy and excitement of the road is over, work is calling.


But before reality entirely sets in, let me tell you briefly where I was yesterday. My day began well. I stopped in to Schats Bakery for a cinnamon roll and coffee (well, and a few things to take home). If you are ever in Bishop, it’s hard to miss. It’s an explosion of Danish décor and crammed with every possible baked concoction. Your mouth will appreciate the stop.


Hardly anyone was at Yosemite today
Hardly anyone was at Yosemite today

Taste explosions!
Taste explosions!

Coffee and roll in hand, I climbed my way back to nearly 10,000 feet again as I visited my last planned destination, Devils Postpile. I’m so very glad I got there early. I had no idea that the shuttle was, in fact, a shuttle. For the entire valley. That would take at least 30 minutes one-way just to ride. Nor that the monument did not have neatly paved sidewalks. You know, why really plan when you can just see what happens?! Right? At the end of most vacations you begin to feel pressed for time. So, I hustled out to the cool geologic attraction in my sandals, frequently dumping dirt and pebbles out of my shoes. Comparatively, it was like a very small, flat Devils Tower. What I really liked about it was that its approachable. What I mean is that you can get up close to the base and top to really see the uniqueness of the formation. Oh, and when I came out of the valley, the parking lot was overrun. So, if you are planning a visit – get there before 9am or be prepared for long waits.

After Devils Tower, I sped over Tioga Pass, through Yosemite, across the valley and to San Jose. Now, by ‘sped’ I should clarify here. I really mean I attempted to hustle quickly through one of the country’s most popular National Parks on a Sunday mid-day. So, mostly I just crawled along at the breakneck speed of 20mph. Of course, that did give me time to reflect on just how beautiful Yosemite really is, even the not-iconic-valley parts. I had planned to pause briefly at the Tuolumne Visitor’s Center, but it was just overrun with tourists. I hit crowds, construction, accidents, traffic jams… by the time I got home, six and a half hours later, I knew I must be in California.

Basalt columns
Basalt columns

Yosemite's sculpted granite
Yosemite's sculpted granite
One last photo bomb
One last photo bomb

So, I’m home now. I had an incredible time. I know not what to say to encourage you all to hop in your car and drive around the country. Just do it. This country has an abundance of spectacular sites - jaw-dropping sites, mind you. Though I may be particular to the West, adventure awaits you in all sorts of places. You just have to look and talk to folks.


This segment of From the Road is closing; I’m home after all. However, that doesn’t mean everything ends here. Be sure to check back frequently because I’ve got more things planned! Sign up for my newsletter too so you can get even more insight into my adventures & projects! In the meantime, here’s what I've got planned for the next few weeks:


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Until next time....


Safe Travels!

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Daily Synopsis

We are almost home. Though the trip has shaped spectacularly, I cannot wait to get out of the car from Harvey, Helen, and (even) Whiskers. Three weeks on the road is enough! We'll be home tomorrow!

Roadtrip! Daily Game

Day 18 - Devils Postpile NM & Yosemite NP
Day 18 - Devils Postpile NM & Yosemite NP



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