Welcome to Your Summer Vacation!

You've worked long and hard over this past year and it’s time for some relaxation in the great American outdoors. Normally, you would take your family away for a week-long fishing trip at the state park, but this year you decided on a more ambitious holiday - a month long road trip to some of the beautiful National Parks and National Monuments the country has to offer. However, once rumor spread, you found yourself competing with the neighbors, while fending off uninvited family and friends. Grab your budget, plan your route, and try to keep a smile on your face. What was once just a humble summer vacation could turn into a road trip nightmare!


In the summer of 1965 nearly 31 million people visited the Western United States' 70 National Parks and Monuments. It was a time when the kitsch of Route 66 was at its peak and the roots of modern glamping were forged in the wacky amenities trailer companies crammed into their creations. The nostalgia for that time period lives on today in all of the dusty attics full of home movies and tacky souvenirs. Despite the jaw-dropping scenery, however, when was the last time any family vacation went trouble-free?


Encounter spectacular sites, odd-ball roadside attractions, and family kerfuffles while racing to complete your unique itinerary. Roadtrip! combines budgeting monetary and emotional resources with managing highway hazards to thwart other player-families as you compete to have the most FUN in this game of vacation hijinks and hilarity.

Who's been on the Roadtrip!?


GenCon, Aug 2015      GenCon, Aug 2015      Stanford, Aug 2015      Stanford, Aug 2015      Heretic Games, Aug 2015      Heretic Games, Sep 2015       Celesticon, Sep 2015       Celesticon, Sep 2015       Berkeley Games, Sep 2015 Berkeley Games, Oct 2015       Berkeley Games, Oct 2015 San Jose, Oct 2015    Metatopia, Nov 2015      Metatopia, Nov 2015       Metatopia, Nov 2015       Protospiel San Jose, Apr 2016
GenCon, Aug 2015


More than 50 playtests across the country, tons of great feedback that has only strengthened the game!


Playing in Brian & Scott's 1963 Shasta Trailer!
Playing in Brian & Scott's 1963 Shasta Trailer!
Playing an early prototype in Pete's 1977 GMC Kingsley!
Playing an early prototype in Pete's 1977 GMC Kingsley!

What's Under the Hood - Components

My goal is to fit Roadtrip! into a small box both to take advantage of USPS flat rate shipping prices, but also to be convenient enough to play on the road or camping. All planned expansions will fit into the original box.


Planned (and playtested) Expansions:

Covert Itineraries – Keep those nosy neighbors guessing! Add 7 Covert Itinerary cards with new and unique Fun Score equations. Playtested.

Bonus Highway Card Set – Escalate the hijinks! Add 4 new Highway Hazards, 2 new Highway Boons, and 7 new Roadside Attractions. Designed & Playtested.

Five-Player Addition – Increase the kerfuffles! Add a purple player, complete with the Vehicle, 2 Moodometer meeples, a Home token, an additional Teardrop Trailer vehicle card, and 8 more Destinations. Designed & Playtested.

Misadventure Expansion – Multiply the craziness of your road trip! Add five more Passengers, two new types of Highway Hazards (Law and Lost), 8 new Highway Boons, 7 new Roadside Attractions, and 5 new Destinations. Designed & Playtested.

Destination Board Markers – Help keep your road trip on track! Add small wooden tent meeples to help players visualize their route on the game board. 8 tokens for each color; 40 tokens total. Playtested.


Possible Other Expansions:

Modern Update -  Add 2 new Vehicles (Electric Car and SUV), 5 new Passengers, and 9 new (and more modern) Destinations.


Eastern Expansion – Add a second game board and new 1965 Destinations to complete your travel options for the U.S. (This expansion may also contain Alaska and Hawaii).



Roadtrip! Game Components
Roadtrip! Game Components


Who's on the Roadtrip! team?

Well, hopefully you! I would love to add your name to the growing list of playtesters! Be sure to see the list of Roadtrip! playtest locations to get in on the action.




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