From the Road… Day 4

July 27, 2016 1 comment

Craters of the Moon NM

Twin Falls to Idaho Falls

July 26, 2016

Miles Driven: 195

Parks Visited: 2


What a spectacular day! For a change I’ll work backwards. First, I arrived to find the motel I booked was the cutest accommodations. It overlooks the river and falls. It has that quaint feel of a bygone era. Yet, it clearly has been recently updated with new furnishings and a new bathroom. Needless to say, once again my trip was mirroring the board game. This morning I had found a lodge available via the Highway cards.


Say Cheese
Say Cheese
Mid-Century Modern Nuclear Power
Mid-Century Modern Nuclear Power

Prior to my arrival in Idaho Falls, I stumbled across a National Historic Landmark – The Experimental Breeder Reactor #1. It was here in December of 1951 that we first generated power from nuclear energy. Ok, so it was only enough power to light 4 bulbs, but still! It was a spectacular find. A big shout out to Caitlin and Mariah, the guides, who made the tour truly fun. If you are ever near Atomic City, you have just got to stop by, especially if you are mid-century modern fans.

The main attraction of the day (albeit, visiting ERB-1 gives me pause to say so) was my tour of Crates of the Moon NM. Let me describe it like this: Lava Beds is to Craters of the Moon, as appetizers are to the dinner feast. None of that is to slight Lava Beds. They do have far more lava tubes/caves than Craters of the Moon. But, just wow. A majority of the site reminded me of a giant paving project gone poorly. Sure, they had ‘a’a flows, but they also had pahoehoe flows in abundance. Some of the rock looked like oil painting still wet from fresh brush strokes. Cinder and spatter cones littered the area. Black sand dunes with wisps of life clinging to the 150 degree ground. Suntan lotion, water and a car with ac is mandatory (at least in the summer).


Until tomorrow from… Big Hole NB…


Safe travels!


PS This morning I found a sign confirming that Twin Falls (Shoshone Falls particularly) is really taller than Niagara Falls. So, my apologies to those of you who have fond memories of falls. The sign also said that the flow in the winter and spring is breathtaking, though the hydro-electric plant controls the flow quite a bit. Again, however, the reason to visit Twin Falls is to see the gorge.


PPS Also Evel Kinevel’s last jump was a failed one across the gorge. I don’t mean ‘failed’ as in he met a horrid, fiery death, rather his rocket-cycle’s shoot opened prematurely and he just floated to the canyon floor.

An Apocalyptic Landscape
An Apocalyptic Landscape

Roadtrip! Daily Game

Day 4 - Craters of the Moon NM
Day 4 - Craters of the Moon NM

Current Status

Board Location: Idaho

Happiness: Glum (4)

Energy: Animated (3)

Souvenirs: 2

Money: $22


Daily Synopsis

On the way to Craters of the Moon, Harvey and Helen decided they wanted to try out their homesteading skills at a local roadside attraction along the Oregon Trail. Sadly no one in the vehicle seemed to enjoy it much, except for Whiskers who slept through the entire diversion. However, once we got to Craters of the Moon, everyone's spirits were lifted a bit. What's more, we unexpectedly found a vacancy at a local dude ranch where we recouped some much needed energy.

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