Alaska Bound… Day 0

May 27, 2017 No comments exist

Last Minute Dash

San Jose

May 26, 2017

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You know, some days time seems to slow down and you enjoy each precious moment. This is not one of those days. During the flurry of activities this week, time just seemed to keep speeding up. The more things I crossed off all my packing lists, the more seemed to magically appear - a veritable Gemino Curse. It's in these moments that I feel like I'm cheating myself of the building excitement that comes with impending embarkation. Nevertheless, the lists are diminishing and all I have left now are laundry, dishes, a smidgen more of packing.

Packing Explosion

The 3-Bears of Snacks

Almost done!

Be sure to tune in daily over the next few weeks! I'll be posting to my blog daily, updating you on the treks, treasures and travails that are so common on those wacky North American road trips we Americans have been taking ourselves on ever since the invention of the car.

And don't forget to check in to my trip's Alaska Bound! home page to keep an eye on the google map!

Until tomorrow from Portland...

Safe Travels!

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