This Week’s Roadtrip! #2

July 31, 2015 No comments exist

On the Road at GenCon!

Hello from Indianapolis! Here’a a quick note and a few shots from the midst of the madness that is GenCon…

Roadtrip! Playtest

I had three great, 4-player, playtest sessions yesterday – and I learned a lot, not just about playtesting to such a random crowd (I certainly got my spiel down!), but also about what to expect and how to prep for it all. I’ll be posting more information on lessons learned next week. For now, however, here are a couple quick shots from two of my games. Both, by the way, played very differently. One group sought to make a lot of deals, while the other was super cutthroat. Fun!

The 2pm Playtest Slot - The Deal Makers!
The 2pm Playtest Slot – The Deal Makers!
6pm Playtest Slot - The Cutthroat Gang!
6pm Playtest Slot – The Cutthroat Gang!

Other Playtests!

Today I’m heading out for some phat loots and playtesting of other folks games… More to come next week, but I have seen a lot of fun games!



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